link_header_THROWINGEach piece is hand-thrown using a Cone 6 porcelain clay body. I am drawn to traditional forms because of their simple lines and elegant appearance. My experience as a production potter has facilitated the consistency in my work.
link_header_TRIMMINGThe form is refined by trimming the pot on the wheel using a variety of tools. I like the shape to be exact which allows for precise decoration. I trim the bottom of each piece to finish it nicely. Focusing on all the details of a piece, I consider the bottom to be as important as the rest of the pot.
link_header_DECORATINGPieces are created with strong, uncomplicated lines; carved and incised to add visual and tactile appeal; finished with soft, unobtrusive glazes all harmonizing in balance- no one feature over powering the other. The elegance of simplicity is the end result and what I hope strikes those who view my work.
link_header_GLAZING_FIRINGI use a combination of dipping and spraying when applying a glaze. This technique provides a uniform surface that will not detract from the decoration. In 2004, I began experimenting with painting glazes on certain designs for added interest. Once glazed, the pieces are fired in an electric kiln to 2232 degrees Fahrenheit. It takes approximately 12 hours for the firing and an additional 12 hours for cooling. The opening of a kiln is always an exciting time, like a kid opening Birthday gifts.
link_header_FORMULATINGI formulate and develop all of my own glazes. I enjoy chemistry, so working with glaze formulation is not a chore for me but rather an extension of my wheel work. I have always felt that if you devote time to develop your own style of form and design, then it is equally important to develop your own glazes that fit well with your style. New glazes are always in the works and I look forward to sharing them with you.