welcome_to_galleryI thoroughly enjoy being a studio potter and strive to produce the best work possible. I always expect to make better pots tomorrow than I did today. To that end, I focus on craftsmanship and paying attention to detail. My work is not meant to be the focal point of a room but rather an accessory that enhances its surroundings. The forms, designs, and glazes are kept simple to achieve this goal. It is extremely important to me to be the sole creator of each piece to ensure the highest quality. I believe my work to be investment grade pottery, but ultimately that is up to you, the buyer. I have worked on a product identification system that allows for an easy and interesting cataloging of my work. Knowing how many pieces are “out there” is integral in placing value on a product. Please keep in mind each piece is hand-thrown; therefore the sizes are approximate and may vary which adds to the uniqueness of every piece created. I hope you enjoy collecting my work and the beauty the pieces can bring to your home for years to come. Please browse the gallery and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

standard-lineThis line has been retired. The pieces were not subject to a set production number. Each piece was numbered to allow for an accurate count upon its discontinuation. Notification of discontinuation will be posted along with the final production number. This line was developed to bring an exceptional value to the market by providing a quality product for a good price. Each piece is signed, dated and includes the symbol “ST” along with a Form Number and its production number. View the Standard Line

limited-series This line consists of pieces that will be limited in production to 25. Regardless of color, when 25 pieces are produced the piece will be discontinued. Notification will be posted when the limit is approaching. New designs will be added to this line as they are created. All forms included in this line may be ordered in any of the stated available glazes. If a piece is not currently in stock, please allow 4-5 weeks for delivery. Each piece is signed, dated, and includes the symbol “LS” along with a Form Number and its production number. View the Limited Series

one-of-a-kindThis line consists of pieces that are unique in design, form, or glaze. Prices will vary based on size, intricacy of design, and glazing process. New pieces will be added as they are created. Each piece is signed, dated, and includes the symbol “1OK”. There is also an incised medallion on the foot of my one of a kind pieces View One-of-a-Kind





To add to the collectability of my work and also depending on what else I am into during a given year, I have low production numbers of decorative pots each year. I believe a collector should know how many pieces are “out there” in order to help access their own value of an object. Each of my pieces is stamped with a production number which allows for an accurate count. These are the annual totals of decorative pieces since I began this system in 2004:

2014 – 65

2013 – 63

2012 – 93

2011 – 81

2010 – 140

2009 – 104

2008 – 136

2007 – 169

2006 – 153

2005 – 156

2004 – 205



  • A. Deiter / B. Ferry
  • D. Stewart
  • S. Crayton
  • C.& T. Klingelhoefer
  • C.& T. Klingelhoefer
  • D. Stewart
  • D. Stewart
  • J. & B. Fry
  • D. Stewart
  • A. & F. Seibenshuh