I enjoy formulating and testing new glazes immensely. As such, I will occasionally introduce new glazes which will continue to enhance my porcelain forms in the manner that my collectors have come to expect. Adding different glaze surface and color to my work has always been important to me and keeps things new and interesting for myself and collectors.
The current glazes used are shown and described on this page. Some variation is to be expected due to kiln temperature, application thickness, and cooling rate.
Peacock Blue is a dead matte glaze. It breaks over incised lines which shows the decoration extremely well. This is a long time favorite of collectors due in part to its subtle nature. While the color and surface are pleasing to the eye, they do not distract from other pieces in a cabinet.
My Copper glaze is an interesting departure from the normal color and surface of the Arts and Crafts Movement. It is a glossy glaze with a wonderful depth. I call the glaze copper because it can have the look of slightly tarnished copper with a hint of luster.
Camel is a flowing silky matte glaze that contains bronzish crystals where thicker. It has the overall color of camel hair. This glaze has become very popular due to its uniqueness. The color and surface are very attractive and compliment oak furniture very well.
This glaze is for the surface lover. It has plenty of character because of the crusty surface crystals. It makes pots look old. A worn leather jacket came to mind when I first developed the color of this glaze.
Spring Green is a very pleasant matte glaze that has a nice variagation in the surface. This adds depth to a color that reminded me of buds just sprouting from the trees in Spring. The lighter tone shows well on darker furniture.
The Black and Copper glaze has a contemporary feel about it. A glossy black glaze is layered with my Copper glaze resulting in a very rich looking surface.
My Forest Green glaze is a waxy matte. This green has very nice white striations running through the surface, especially when applied thickly. Forest Green interacts very well with incised decoration in that the artwork is highlighted while still allowing the glaze to flow.
The Indigo Blue glaze is a waxy matte that has a bold purplish-blue hue. It exhibits white streaks when applied a little thickly. This glaze is for the collector seeking something different for their collection. It’s one of my favorites right nowbecause it allows the decoration to really pop.